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AWS Migration Hub Overview

Discover or import your on-premises server details

With AWS Migration Hub, you can import information about on-premises servers and applications, or you can perform a deeper discovery using AWS Discovery Agent or AWS Discovery Collector, an agentless approach for VMware environments.

Build a migration plan

AWS Migration Hub network visualization allows you to accelerate migration planning by quickly identifying servers and their dependencies, identifying the role of a server, and grouping servers into applications. To use network visualization, first install Discovery Agents and then start data collection from the Data Collectors page.

Strategy recommendations

AWS Migration Hub Strategy Recommendations helps you easily build a migration and modernization strategy for your applications running on premises or in AWS. Strategy Recommendations analyzes your applications to help you determine the optimal strategy and tools to migrate and modernize at scale.


AWS Migration Hub Orchestrator helps accelerate your application migration to reduce the migration time and effort. With predefined workflow templates, you can easily create a migration workflow, customize your workflow per your specific needs, automate the migration steps, and track the migration progress from start to finish in one place. At this time, Orchestrator supports 1) the migrations of SAP NetWeaver–based applications with HANA databases, 2) the rehosting of any applications to Amazon EC2, 3) the rehosting of SQL Server databases to Amazon EC2, and 4) the replatforming of SQL Server databases to Amazon RDS.


Simple and intuitive migration dashboard

The AWS Migration Hub dashboard shows the latest status and metrics for your rehost and replatform migrations. This allows you to quickly understand the progress of your migrations, as well as identify and troubleshoot any issues that arise. Migration Hub lets you track the status of your migrations into any AWS Region supported by your migration tools. Regardless of which Regions you migrate into, the migration status will appear in Migration Hub when using an integrated tool.

Incremental app refactoring

AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces is the starting point for incremental application refactoring to microservices. Refactor Spaces eliminates the undifferentiated work of building and operating AWS infrastructure for incremental refactoring. You can use Refactor Spaces to reduce the risk of evolving applications into microservices or extending existing applications with new features written in microservices. The Refactor Spaces environment bridges networking across AWS accounts to permit old and new services to communicate while maintaining the independence of separate accounts. Refactor Spaces provides an application proxy that models the strangler-fig pattern to let you transparently add new services to an external HTTPS endpoint and incrementally route traffic to the new services. This keeps underlying architecture changes transparent to your app consumers.

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