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AWS System Manager and Operational Improvements to your estate

Operational support is a key pain point, cost problem and operational hazard in the Cloud.

AWS provides some tools to help with automation, but in general, proper automation of operations is a weak area in AWS.

AWS Systems Manager can be useful for some systems depending on the OS you have deployed, or the type of deployment model (IaaS vs PaaS), and if you have the team skills to manage operations properly, daily, and securely.

AWS Systems Manager (SSM) allows the centralisation of ops data from many services, and can be useful to discover discrepancies in deployments and automate updates.

Within SSM you can create logical groups of resources such as applications, different layers of an application stack, or production versus development environments. Within these groups you can select a resource and view its recent API activity, resource configuration changes, related notifications, operational alerts, software inventory, and patch compliance status. You can also take action on each resource group depending on your operational needs.

Quick overview of SSM below.

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