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Recent AWS New Service announcements

Recent AWS New Service announcements


1-Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Tuesday launched five new industrial machine learning services aimed at helping industrial plants and factories to improve safety, operational efficiency, and quality control at their workplace.

The company said that companies can use these services to embed artificial intelligence (AI) in their production processes to identify productivity bottlenecks, potential equipment faults, and worker safety and compliance violations.

The five tools, named Amazon Monitron, AWS Panorama Software Development Kit (SDK), AWS Panorama Appliance, Amazon Lookout for Vision and Amazon Lookout for Equipment, combine computer vision, sensor analysis and machine learning capabilities to address technical challenges faced by industrial customers.


2-Amazon EKS and ECS will soon run on-premises customers’ existing infrastructure, a significant shift in the cloud provider’s hybrid container management strategy that may also reduce enterprise costs.


Amazon EKS and ECS Anywhere, due out in the first half of 2021, as well as the Amazon EKS Distro, released to open source this week, will offer software-only versions of the AWS container management services that users can run on their own VMs or bare-metal servers. In the past, hybrid cloud customers have been required to use hardware/software packages from Amazon such as AWS Outposts or Snowball Edge devices to run AWS software on premises.


This was often an expensive proposition. Outposts have a price tag starting at $100,000, that can go as high as $1 million for large deployments. Snowball Edge jobs are designed for temporary deployments in remote, limited-connectivity environments, and include a daily device rental fee after 10 days.


AWS also offers Wavelength for on-premises infrastructure, but specifically for mobile edge computing apps. Local Zones, extensions to AWS Regions that place compute resources closer to customer locations, are not infrastructure-agnostic, as EKS Anywhere (EKS-A) and ECS Anywhere (ECS-A) will be.


3-Speaking at this year’s re:Invent, a three-week event which commenced on 1 December, AWS CEO Andy Jassy said that AWS Wavelength will be launched in the UK in partnership with Vodafone Business.


This will be part of the new Vodafone Business Edge Innovation Program (EIP), which has opened its registration submissions today. The programme will provide startups, ISVs, businesses, as well as freelance developers exclusive access to edge computing training to help them develop, test and deploy a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) 5G application on AWS Wavelength and Vodafone 5G network.


Vodafone and AWS will roll out Wavelength in spring 2021, starting with a commercial Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) centre in London. The MEC centre will use Vodafone’s 5G network in order to provide an ultra-low latency zone over the extended area of the UK capital.


4- AWS Gateway Load Balancer is a new fully-managed network gateway and load balancer. The service is tailored to deploy, scale and manage third-party virtual appliances such as firewalls, intrusion detection, prevention systems and deep packet inspection systems in the cloud.


The Gateway Load Balancer works with the VPC Ingress Routing, the service introduced last year by AWS that allows customers to route incoming and outgoing network traffic to and from an internet gateway or virtual private gateway to the Elastic Network Interface of an EC2 instance.


5-On its own, Citrix Cloud is a powerful tool for business continuity planning (BCP), as well as for reducing administration and lowering infrastructure costs of normal operations. But to maximize cloud benefits, you should also think about the other part of the equation — hosting your Citrix workloads (apps, desktops, data) in a public cloud like Amazon Web Services (AWS) instead of your datacenter.


To help you make the move, we’ve developed our newest cloud training course: CXD-253: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service on Amazon Web Services.


6-Blackberry and AWS announce a connected car platform. The software will allow automakers to remotely access vehicle sensor data, which can be used for further analysis. According to BlackBerry, modern cars and trucks produce a flood of data, often generated by embedded computers found within individual parts. These systems use unique and proprietary formatting for the data generated, making it hard to get a big-picture overview of the vehicle’s performance.


BlackBerry IVY is designed to slurp that data and forward it to the cloud, where automakers can analyse it to try to glean insights that will inform future development.


7-With DevOps Guru, AWS says, developers will be alerted whenever the system detects abnormalities such as increased latency or error rates. These highly specific alerts will come through Amazon Simple Notification Service; and integrations such as Atlassian Opsgenie and PagerDuty are partnering with AWS, as well, to provide context and suggestions to developers for remediation.


The beauty of this, according to AWS, is that there is “no manual setup or machine learning expertise required.” Additionally, the only cost required is for the actual data that Amazon DevOps Guru analyzes.


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