Case Studies

Mobile SFA application for field workers

FMCG remote sales force(s) were having issues with client support, closing deals, up-selling or cross-selling and improving client happiness.  The process was not automated nor standardised and the processes and information (pricing, product, inventory) sets

Global bank migration to AWS (on-premises API platform)

Consulting and hands-on for a large global bank within a complex re-platforming from on-premises to AWS. Objectives: 1-Move off of legacy infrastructure (PCF) and legacy API gateways (Mule) to Cloud 2-Deploy automation to manage the

Azure, AWS, Big Data rebuild (Finance)

On-premises aggregation and reporting on large data sets for clients is a clear use case to move to the Cloud.  Loading, transforming, cleaning and processing queries is best done within the cloud native services offered

Health Care
Data Lake Implementation (Health Care)

Business issue was to sort out a multi-siloed, poorly designed cloud based ‘Big Data’ system for a UK health agency and migrate to a new AWS platform to consolidate and improve data, data quality, data

Distribution Firm
Mobile application rebuild for Retail/Ecommerce

A firm with both physical and digital assets, but heavily reliant on ecommerce revenues and integration with partners had an immature IT platform and deployment process which was significantly retarding business and revenue objectives.  The

Container deployment (Manufacturing)

Large car manufacturing firm needed to move applications into AWS and the Cloud which involved application rewrites into Container functionality, the use of Docker and Kubernetes and the migration of data from on-premises ERP legacy

Migration of a monolith (Finance)

Standard Cloud pattern and use case – the migration of an old .asp net application to something more sensible.  The migration and rewrite would allow the business to realise objectives around improved access, reliability, new

Migration of on premises business applications (Utilities)

Regulated firm with an antiquated and poorly designed and support set of applications in 2 Data Centres.  Processes were waterfall, inefficient and unsuitable to building applications to support field work and regulated mandatory asset control. 

SaaS CRM (various)

Many firms have defined sales processes which necessitate customised CRM and SFA application development.  Using custom templates and reusable code this can be done by taking a core application which is already deployed and building