Code Rebuild: Distribution Firm in FMCG

  • Firm was heavily reliant on eCommerce site(s) and mobile apps for revenue, including the rapid deployment of new functionality
  • Specifically the firm needed to reduce time to deployment, improve availability, scalability, and security for its eCommerce apps
Industry: Distribution

North America (Multi-locations)

  • Created a team to refactor appropriate applications in AWS, delivered in a Docker container-based microservices environment
  • Built a common DevOps platform for the company‚Äôs eCommerce applications
  • Migrated underlying technology to a common stack of ECS, CloudFormation, CI-CD
  • CI/CD platform using AWS DevOps best practices
  • Greater uptime, scalability and data security
  • Improved and centralised DevSecOps
  • Blue-Green deployment models now being used with automated rollbacks