Trilogix Cloud

Mobile application rebuild for Retail/Ecommerce

  • Retail Firm with both physical and digital assets and distrbiution, was heavily reliant on eCommerce site(s) and mobile apps for revenue, including the rapid deployment of new functionality
  • Specifically the firm needed to reduce time to deployment, improve availability, scalability, and security for its eCommerce apps
  • There were 200 odd steps in deploying an ecommerce site for the firm, or its partners and distributors
  • The many business setps were at odds with the company’s mandate to be more ‘agile’ and to drive revenues with mobile and web functionality drops for clients to buy more services and products from the firm, or its partners
  • There was a heavy distrust of IT within the business community and finance, with IT viewed as a liability, never delivering on time or within budget
Industry: ECommerce, Retail


  • Created a team to refactor and in some cases rebuild applications in AWS, delivered in a Docker container-based microservices environment
  • Built a common DevOps platform for the company’s eCommerce applications
  • Migrated underlying technology to a common stack of ECS, CloudFormation, CI-CD
  • CI/CD platform using AWS DevOps best practices
  • Using patterns and automation, significantly improved the time to market deployment, within a defined budget
  • Business community began to view IT as a partner, not an anchor
  • Greater uptime, scalability and data security
  • Improved and centralised DevSecOps
  • Blue-Green deployment models now being used with automated rollbacks
  • New functionality can be quickly deployed to support business requirements and revenue goals
  • Satsified partners and distribution networks who can now deploy micro-sites to further drive revenues and market penetration