Trilogix Cloud

Container deployment (Manufacturing)

  • DevSecOps pipeline to build Containers
  • Lack of skills and knowledge in the client (Docker, K8s), external resources were needed
  • Existing dev-ops process in silos, not centralised, no single code repo or trunk-branch strategy
  • Deployed code not tested properly
  • Target model AWS
Industry: Auto Manufacturing

Global Leader (Based in the EU)

  • Reworked devops processes to integrate with ITSM
  • Created a code-management strategy
  • Built Containers against a homogenous deployment framework, deploying to ECS, ECR in AWS
  • Account hardening, governance secures unreliable satellite networks
  • Automation and continuous delivery capabilities
  • Data migrated to AWS RDS using standard AWS native services (DMS)
  • Improved processes and reduced costs
  • Sensitive data remains secure, available, recoverable
  • New environments can be stood up in hours vs weeks
  • Container infrastructure makes the system highly scalable
  • New processes allow rapid functionality updates