Trilogix Cloud

CRM SaaS platform (Pharmaceuticals)

  • Global demands for scalability and availability needs for salepeople and management
  • Part of Sales and HR systems to faciliate learning, account development, improved communications
  • Cloud skills and management of cloud deployment models lacking in-house
  • Extenisble and managed replatforming on AWS
  • Objective is to drive sales, cultural change using a Web-based application to promote requisite skills, processes and information sharing
Industry: Pharma

Dow 50 Firm (Global)

  • MSP solution in AWS
  • Cloud Native build with VMs deployed as modularised monoliths (no need at this time for Containers or massive auto-scaling and elasticity)
  • Application and SQL DB clusters
  • JSON templates for IaC deployment
  • Multi-region and multi-AZ with AWS
  • Auto-scaling and self-healing environment that can scale up to meet growing demand, and scale down to reduce cost when demand is lower.
  • Easier to use solutions than previous on-premise applications.
  • MSP model has resulted in cost savings and operational improvements.