Trilogix Cloud

Global Financial Firm Business Continuity and Backup

  • 15 PB of data spread across many data centres
  • Modern techniques of recovery and backup into the cloud from on-premises lacking
  • Disaster Recovery strategy not implemented due to lack of timely backup copies
  • Highly regulated with data archiving demands
  • On premises storage extremely expensive, subject to server life cycles, refreshing, management
  • Cloud usage was a strategic imperative


Industry: Finance Global Bank

Highly regulated and siloed firm

  • Backup, Recovery Automation, hybrid on-premises to Cloud (AWS)
  • AWS native tooling used and existing on-premises (Dell, IBM) technology employed and integrated
  • Thousands of VMs, physical machines (Linux, Win)
  • 15 PB of data
  • Structured DB data, SAN data, unstructured NAS data
  • Full + incremental backups
  • Part of DR strategy
  • ROI based on time to recover, regulatory demands, reduction of manual efforts
  • Automation of backup, agent and agentless, compression, security inbuilt into processes
  • Scanning and Ransomware protection
  • Immutable storage and vaulting
  • Recovery environments for quick business continuity recovery
  • Auditable, transparent backup process of all critical business objects