Trilogix Cloud

Migration of a monolith (Finance)

  • ASP.Net monolith built in old code versions
  • Hosted on premise, not able to scale to meet new clients and client demands (functionality)
  • Migration, deployment, transformation patterns were needed
  • Logging and code quality issues (testing)
  • Target model AWS
Industry: Personal Insurance

Top UK Lender (FTSE 250 listed)

  • Using AWS frameworks migrated to private cloud
  • Refactored the code into micro-services
  • Built Containers against a homogenous deployment framework, deploying to ECS, ECR in AWS
  • Dev-Sec-Ops pipelines built integrating with Azure DevOps
  • Testing Automation and continuous delivery capabilities
  • ELK used for centralised logging and event management
  • 5 months to migrate, rebuild the code
  • Microservices allowed scalability, user base to double
  • Centralised model of code deployment, testing, monitoring