Trilogix Cloud

Migration of on premises business applications (Utilities)

  • Empty 2 existing data centres in 2 years
  • Migrate all applications and infrastructure to AWS
  • Work with multi-vendors to provide the migration patterns and deployments
  • Regulatory and Compliance issues paramount
  • Target model AWS
Industry: Utility

Top UK Provider (FTSE 250 listed)

  • Using AWS frameworks/services migrated to a private cloud
  • Lift and Shift, with some refactoring to allow the applications to run on AWS
  • Built Patterns to move logical groups of assets including infrastructure
  • VMs deployments, given skills, resources constraints
  • Dev-Sec-Ops pipelines built including testing
  • Security models built and deployed
  • Patterns allowed migration at scale
  • Mapping applications to infrastructure reduced downtime
  • Integration with ITSM, SIEM, SIAM vendors allowed centralised management and logging