Trilogix Cloud

Mobile SFA application for field workers

  • Business challenge was to standardise on a sales process and approach for field-sales workers
  • Application had to be intuitive, lightweight, easy to use
  • Goal was to increase sales including repeat and new sales and to capture all relevant client and prospect information
  • Application should be available on major mobile OSes
  • Client happiness, professional approaches with clients, shipment issues, ordering issues and cumbersome broken processes were negatively impacting sales
Industry: FMCG (various firms)

Remote sales workers

  • Move the application into AWS and provide 2 access points – one via the Laptop to a FQDN and a second into the same infrastructure but via a mobile application
  • Mobile application was built using reusable frameworks, easily extended and managed
  • iOS application was deployed through an Apple Business account
  • Android through Google Play
  • Application development and production was automated using DevOps pipelines including Jenkins and AWS Code Deploy
  • Application was also deployed (code, binaries etc) using Apple Business Account to targeted phone numbers
  • Standard and minimalist mobile application allows all remote workers to follow a consistent sales process
  • Reporting from the system on all relevant data points greatly helped management to plan and deploy resources
  • Sales and targets increased and better planning from better data quality
  • New Functionality can be dropped in on a regular basis with no end user impact
  • Happier clients, fewer mis-ships, short-ships, or poor interactions on key metrics