Trilogix Cloud

SaaS CRM (various)

  • Map sales processes to an application
  • Capture key metrics and processes within a digital environment
  • Improve productivity and reduce time wasting
  • Cost and budget constraints
Industry: FMCG

North America, EU (different firms)

  • Using our CRM SaaS templates built a customised SaaS model which mapped back to the unique sales processes
  • Hosted in AWS, accessed via a browser and mobile app
  • Deployed as VMs could be containerised in the future
  • Integrated with on-premise file feeds and source data
  • Confirmed to the company’s best practices
  • Complex pricing modules were refactored
  • Single platform of client-based information
  • Far cheaper than other SaaS models
  • Easy access, scalable
  • Managed service, far less costly than the firm managing it themselves (or large SI partner)
  • Extensible, new functionality can be added and deployed quickly