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Example of a 3 Tier application deployment in AWS

Building a standard 3-Tier solution in AWS is not that easy.  It takes some experience with the platform and related services.  Importantly firms can use JSON templates (Cloud Formation) and other automated patterns and tools, to deploy consistent and secure 3 Tier architectures.  As well, AWs provides a range of automation from landing zones, to configuration scanning, to ensure compliance with standards.  The following is an example of a 3 Tier architecture deployment.

Test environment to play around with a 3 Tier deployment in a free tier environment:

  1. Minimum 2 EC2 instances with OS of choice (free tier of course) in an auto scaling group
  2. EC2 web server security group allowing inbound permission from the internet
  3. Boot strap static web page or create a custom AMI that already includes the static web page
  4. Create a public route table and associate the 2 public subnets
  1. Minimum of 2 EC2 instances with OS of choice (also free tier) in an auto scaling group
  2. EC2 application server security group allowing permission from the web server security group
  3. Associate with private route table
  1. The database security group should allow inbound traffic for MySQL from the application server security group
  2. 2 private subnets
  3. Associate with private route table

Details on the deployment are here.

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