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Hybrid Cloud redefines the CIO role

Hybrid IT model

Hybrid Cloud Platform

Gartner describes how the Hybrid Cloud enables an increase in the adoption of public and private IaaSPaaS, SaaS and BPaaS, making a ‘Bi-modal IT’ framework possible:

  • Moving to a more loosely coupled, federated ERP, with multi-enterprise solutions, cloud components, mobile support, embedded analytics
  • Creating information architectures to exploit Big Data, including; in-memory databases, advanced analytics, unstructured and multimedia data
  • SME Innovation Ecosystem: Augmenting conventional sourcing with more innovation, including sourcing from, and partnering with, smaller and less mature enterprises, in key categories of partners: Mobile, design, etc.

‘Bi-Modal IT’, sounds more like rhetoric than anything else, but the Hybid Model is certainly the future. For CIOs moving to a Cloud-SaaS platform this likely entails an upgrading of skills.

As Gartner concludes:

“CIOs now face the challenge of straddling the second era of enterprise IT and a new, third “digitalization” era — moving from running IT like a business within a business, into a period characterized by deep innovation beyond process optimization, exploitation of a broader universe of digital technology and information, more-integrated business and IT innovation, and a need for much faster and more agile capability.”

Nothing in the Gartner report is new. It is however, based on CIO interviews and experiences, and the reality of the Hybrid IT world, is now becoming embedded in the C suite. What C level decision makers need of course is less rhetoric and marketing hype, and more real-world solutions in migrating parts of an ERP to the Cloud.


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