Trilogix Cloud

AWS Containers (Docker, Kubernetes)


Using Containers assumes micro-services and this model is quite different than deploying a Virtual Machine stack.  The SDLC and operations are also different.

Docker builds and runtime, and using Kubernetes to manage container clusters is becoming more prevalent.  Sklls in both areas are however difficult to find and our engineers can help firms with deep dives into both technologies, and setting up DevSecOps and IaC in the context of building micro-services, decomposed architectures, or transformating a monolith into a containerised (or set of containerised) applications. 

 There are 2 basic approaches to using Containers in AWS:

IaaS Containers

Deploying Docker images (applications) into an IaaS and using Kubernetes or Docker swarm to manage the deployments, clusters and orchestration.


Deploying your Docker or Container images into AWS ECS (or Fargate) and having AWS manage and orchestrate the clusters.

Some firms have a mixture of both IaaS and PaaS Container deployments.

We can help you to set up a process to migrate Containers to AWS to either deployment model and give advice on operations, security and dev-ops models and pipelines.  We can also manage the Container deployments in the IaaS for you if necessary.