Trilogix Cloud

DevSecOps and SDLC Pipelines and Automation


‘Magic’ DevSecOps is a common target model for most firms.  There are two main parts to the DevOps model of building and deploying new versions, both are related but do require different skills.

We will help with setting up both pipelines for firms based on templates, best practices, the skills of the engineers, time and budget.  Standard approaches, environmental strategy setting, environmental template deployments and security-network configurations are prominent features of doing this correctly.

The DevSecOps pipeline is focused on code management, quality, testing and packaging.  AWS provides a good range of native tooling to achieve this.  Firms can also use their own IaaS hosted tools and approaches.  

IaC is based on JSON and YAML templates to auto-build the supporting compute and network services used by the deployments.  This can include server-side service set up and discovery with Auto-scaling and Load balancing.

The challenges around DevSecOps include, standard tooling, standard approaches, code repo management, proper use of an artifactory, integrated testing, integrated security, Agile teams, culture, organisation and experience.  

DevSecOps is difficult and can take legacy bound firm’s years to understand and create.

There are different SDLC pipelines for VMs and Containers.