Trilogix Cloud

SaaS CRM, SFA Architecture

SaaS CRM is deployed into AWS and hosted by ourselves in AWS.  It is mostly a PaaS model and highly scalable.

Client information is secured, isolated on a tenant basis.

Simplified Architecture

Mobile applications use AWS Amplify.

Simplified HA and Infrastructure view


SFA security model

  • Cloud Native (AWS) services, monitoring, logging, alerting, use of S3 to analyse security logs
  • Network
  • Anti-Malware/Virus
  • Perimeter
  • Application Attack
  • Disaster Recovery
  • High Availability
  • Backup (automated, incremental, snapshots, S3)
  • Multi-region backup (Cloud Formation Templates)

Key principles:  Zero Trust, Zero Touch, Encrypt everything. SFA’s infrastructure conforms to the above list of security best-practices.

In summary the SFA platform has:

  • Automated data backup
  • Automated Machine Image (application) backup
  • High Availability and Failover within AWS
  • Disaster Recovery within AWS
  • Disaster Recovery outside of AWS with Azure Cloud
  • Automated Monitoring and Logging
  • Security of access and all data


CRM SaaS, Integration with back-end systems, reporting, total available estate.