Trilogix Cloud

Issues in migrating a SaaS to AWS

There are many issues when migrating or building a SaaS CRM and SFA in AWS.

  • Data source integration (mainframe etc)
  • SFTP and use of NLB
  • Proper VPC networking and subnet configurations
  • Use of NATs
  • Data quality and ETL
  • Back end storage and scalability
  • File, Block, Object storage, backup, recovery, disaster recovery with IaC
  • IaC or use of Terraform and CFT
  • Monitoring, Logging, alerting
  • ELBs, ALBs and scalability
  • Management of the IaaS or configuration of the PaaS
  • Security updates, upgrades
  • OS choice and management
  • CI-CD pipelines, integrated testing (code, security)
  • Front end integration with the backend
  • UI, UX and ease of use
  • Mapping the UX to the backend schema
  • Encryption everywhere
  • Actual migration if that is what the use case is: DMS, SMS, AWS MGN and other tools