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SaaS CRM and its Benefits

6 Reasons Why SaaS Companies Should Consider Investing in CRM Software

How SaaS CRM Drives Businesses of All Types

SaaS CRM is expected to see a growth of at least 12% in the number of companies who will choose a CRM software in the next five years. Similarly, CRM vendors noticed a revenue growth of $55 billion between 2010 and 2023, which also gives us a glimpse in how receptive companies are in using such a software.

Advantages of SaaS Solutions

All types of SaaS bring their own benefits to companies.

  • They reduce the time regarding the maintenance of the software as the vendor will take care of such aspects.
  • You will not waste time on installing the software either since you can access it remotely through your login information.
  • Also, your team will save a lot of time on project management tasks and structuring data in an organized manner.
  • Because everyone in your team can access such software remotely, you will notice an increase in productivity too.
  • The cost of a CRM SaaS software is significantly lower than other alternatives. Each software comes with different plans and many also have a free version so companies can choose exactly what is suitable for their budget and needs.
  • Easy to use and the cloud environments they function within are scalable.

Advantages of CRM Solutions

  • Because CRM SaaS centralizes your data in one place and gives you access to all the priorities at once, your responses will be made in a more timely manner.
  • Such software will not let you forget about appointments, emails or follow ups and you will be able to put together a better trust-based relationship with your clients.
  • CRM SaaS will not help you only to gain new customers but also to retain the ones you already have. Studies show that about 47% of companies who use CRM noticed steady customers who keep coming back for their products and services.
  • CRM SaaS is one of the main branches that companies look into when they want to increase their productivity and improve the relationship with their customers. It helps you integrate the sales with your marketing strategies so you can take the right action to boost the profit of your business.
SaaS CRM: Security Matters

Security is one of the main concerns for companies followed by integrations and ease of use. With 43% of organizations having security matters on top of their list, it is essential to address this aspect.

With any SaaS software, data security is the most important risk to consider. Companies want to know that their data is secured on the application they use to store it.

When it comes to data security risks, these include:

  • cloud storage data(81%)
  • email storage(80%)
  • chat apps (66%)
  • password storage(61%)
  • different devices used to access the software

But the more experience you get in using SaaS, the more you will understand that sensitive files can be anywhere in such a virtual storage such as:

With over 90% of surveyed companies using SaaS software, it is clear that overall this type of software is considered to be more secure than an on-premise one. Note that increasing the security of a SaaS software is a matter of both the provider and the user, as the software vendor will offer security tools and the user will have to use those tools to secure their account. SaaS vendors adapt to these security risks and offer their customers tools to address them such as two-way authentication, different possibilities of logging into the software and data sharing filters.

How SaaS CRM Vendors Address Security Issues

SaaS vendors have to address as many security issues as possible to offer their clients a safe environment for their sensitive data. But without a proper usage of the tools they offer, the risks will persist.

SaaS vendors will offer tools such as strong password requirements, the need for a double authetication and notifications to a provided email address or phone number in case suspicious activity is noticed on the account. All these tools will have to be further applied by the users of the SaaS software to keep their data secured. A responsive customer service is also offered by the high-quality SaaS providers so they can address any security issue their client might have.

It is essential to have a good understanding of the agreement between the SaaS vendor and the SaaS customers to stay on top of potential security risks.

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