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The Journey and its benefits


















Migrating to AWS, or optimising an existing deployment in AWS is a long-term, permanent journey.

Some principles and reality in using AWS:

  1. Cloud Native is the best platform solution for most architectures and processes.
  2. SaaS as a model, and pay per user and service, is usually a good investment by firms, who can demise expensive on premises or hosted applications.
  3. Cloud over time usually costs more, but the benefits and API-led services and related potential is vast.  Over time, the value from deploying into the cloud included the following:

high availability, improved networking, complete virtualisation, better and easier data management and backup, improved disaster recovery, segmentation of networks, roles and accounts, a common deployment and account strategy, tagging, transparent resource utilisation and management, and integrated development kits and polyglot code deployments all lead to a handsome ROI

Becoming an expert in AWS or cloud concepts and deployment patterns and services will take many years.  Agile is the preferred and probably the only delivery model that makes sense when you work in the cloud.

           1. AWS Migrations & Transformation (Including Factories)

           2. AWS Cloud Native Builds

           3. AWS ‘Digital, Code & Data Transformation’

           4. DevOps and SDLC Pipelines & Automation

           5. Backup, Monitoring and Logging as a Service (BMLaaS)

          6. AWS Containers (IaaS and PaaS)

          7. AWS Professional Services, Pattern creation, Designs and reuse

          8. Agile Scrum Maturity Model as a SaaS to measure Agile Maturity