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AWS and Cloud Resource Management

With over 15 years’ experience in software development, Trilogix has been deploying assets into AWS since 2012.

SaaS SFA/CRM, Agile Maturity Model, Architecture and Design Patterns, & AWS Transformation, Automation, Optimisation Services



Trilogix has been deploying assets into AWS and cloud for a while, with deployments and experience in software development, Cloud migration, Cloud deployment, Cloud automation and Cloud improvement. With certified Engineers and Architects, Trilogix is an AWS consultancy and migration partner and has deployed projects in North America, UK, EU.

Focus: SaaS CRM/SFA, migrations, monoliths-to-microservices or SaaS, Optimisation, DevSecOps, Patterns, Agile-Scrum Maturity Application.

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Office Locations: Toronto Canada, London UK, Kyiv Ukraine.  40 AWS and Cloud Professionals.

Our focus is to help firms navigate the journey to AWS including proper use of Agile Methodologies, deploying SaaS SFA and CRM builds, SFA and COTS migration, rehosting, rebuilding, operational control, security, governance, IaC, CI-CD and automation.  Best practices, patterns and designs leading to optimisation and automation are also in demand.

AWS provides the best in breed Cloud platforms and reference Architectures.

In general the top 3 concerns for firms in moving to the Cloud are Governance, Cost Control and Security.

Automation, the use of IaC and CI-CD, Cloud native services and builds, the containerisation of modular monoliths, data management and analysis, backup and recovery, disaster recovery and configuration control are some areas we help companies navigate. AWS is a long-term journey and a complicated complete stack of technologies.

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Our Services & Products

            AWS hosted SaaS CRM and SFA
            Agile-Scrum-Maturity Model for teams using Agile on AWS projects
            AWS Cloud Transformation Services – as a Service model
            AWS Cloud Architecture and Design Patterns as a Service



Trilogix Cloud is registered to CRM Trilogix Inc.

100 King St. W 5700, Toronto Ontario, Canada, M5X1C7, Bridge Road Haywards Heath, UK,  RH16 1UA